Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Coke bottle - Canstruction sculptures at Underground Atlanta through Nov...

not the most impressive example of CANstruction I found, but all the others I watched had very cheesy backgroundmusic that made it hard to watch...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

Rotary Signal Emitter - Side A

Rotary Signal Emitter - Side A from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Sculpture is the London based duo of musician Dan Hayhurst and animator Reuben Sutherland. Rotary Signal Emitter LP is featured in an article by Matthew Ingram in The Wire 322, and is out on Dekorder.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Amazing Parkour

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Western Spaghetti by PES

Thursday, 18 November 2010


making visual biological music. very easy, very beautiful!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

cure for cold hands

in the colder seasons my table is always very cold, with numbing effect on hands during typing and studying. an old 120w lightbulb in a dismantled lampshade frame fixes the problem.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

went to the dutch design week last week with artist-friend Kuin Heuff and raced through 3 venues full of dutch design, in search of design that gave us something new. A lot of what we saw were things and variations on things we already knew, and we tried to not be disappointed by that; after all, we have seen a lot over the years.
I found a few interesting designs on the graduation show of the design academie: a high bed shaped like a box, to use in a space where you would have no privacy in a regular bed, and a fabric bathtub for people with limited space. (I always like fold-able or multi functional designs...)

In the Strijp-s building the most interesting stand was from a 3d printing company that also gives designers a shop-function. You can upload your design, and when it is ordered it will be printed and sent directly to your client. I like the 3d printing concept very much, so in the future I might just use their services...
high bed

Monday, 25 October 2010

city poetry

the writing on these shutters says: I am not going to explain anything to anyone for a while, and it was written in my neighborhood where i past it month after month, and was intrigued by the person who wrote this. the owners of the building painted over it last year so i am happy i caught it on time

leek decoration & nutcracker bowls

leeks make a beautiful bunch of flowers and stay fresh
longer when they stand with their feet in a little water.
today they ended up in our dinner: pea soup.

cracking hazelnuts can be a messy job. 
we keep the nuts in one bowl and
stand it on top of another one
in which we collect the empty shells..

Sunday, 3 October 2010

rosehip experiments

after cooking the rosehips i blended them to pulp and found
the seeds floating on top of the mixture.
first used a skimmer and then diluted the pulp
with water to pass it through the sieve better.

the sieved rosehips
lots of messy work!

sterilizing the jars with hot water and soda and filling with
hot mixture of rosehips, 1 apple, lemonjuice and sugar.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

hunting and gathering

after picking rose hips we found large fields of chervil under the trees, and picked a bundle to make soup that we ate when we got home.
start by frying an onion in olive oil and add the chopped chervil, stir fry for a minute and add water and broth. chop with a hand blender and serve... we added a little bit of creamed coconut on our plates, it was a lovely soup!

Friday, 1 October 2010

hunting and gathering

today i went to the beach with my friend Marjan and her daughter to pick rose hips in the dunes. it was a lovely sunny day and we picked a lot! i am going to try and make rose hip jam with them for the first time in my life. at this moment the rose hips are soaking in a large tub of water with a bit of salt in it, to try and get every creepy crawly thing out of them (that will be the only hunting i am doing i must admit, the rest was only gathering), tomorrow i will be cleaning and boiling away... hope it all works out, did i already say i never did this before :-)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

making a worm compost bin

today I made a compost bin from plastic containers after i saw this method a few weeks ago at the oogstfestival 

you have to drill a lot of holes, big ones, with the largest drill i had, in all the containers except the bottom one.this one is for the fluid that is produced in the proces of composting. 
the container right above it is where you put your worms and vegetable waste that is a few weeks old, and the container on top of that, and more containers if you need them, are for your fresh fruit and vegetable waste. when the worms are done eating in the lowest container they will move up to the next one and start eating there. at this time you can remove the eaten container and use the very fertile compost in it for your plants. the water that drips to the bottom container can be used to water plants and is also full of nutrients.

composting this way can be done smell free indoors. 

first a whole lot of holedrilling, and one very hot drill and two empty batteries later:
cleaning the holes with a small knife,
and last: putting a piece of paper on top with what may be put inside: 
fruit and vegetable waste, coffee and tea, dead flowers, eggshells,
but no bread and cooked food, meat, fish or dairy products. 
next step: dig up some worms in the garden or go to the fishing store and buy some to start composting.

Monday, 27 September 2010

tales of mere existence

blauwe huisje in landart Biennale Valkenswaard

while I was busy decorating the burlesque party, huub built the camera obscura project on the landart biennale Valkenswaard, assisted by his brother and brother in law. The day after the party I took an early train to attend the opening and together we showed and explained the work to the public.
We have a beautiful spot in the beginning of the route, surrounded by trees...

rotterdam loves burlesque

just posting a few photos of the party last saturday, i decorated the room for the party, made some nice namesigns for the podium and table decorations inspired by garters...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

burlesque is hot

Burlesque is hot! Deze showstijl waarbij alles draait om extravagant, uitdagend en grappig is ook in Rotterdam erg populair. De Royal Residence op de bovenste etage van restaurant Engels verandert regelmatig in een klassieke nightclub uit de film noir tijdens burlesque feesten.

Burlesque is hot! This show is all about extravagant style, it's challenging, funny and very popular in Rotterdam. The Royal Residence on the top floor of restaurant Engels  frequently changes into a classic nightclub from the film noir during burlesque parties.

next weekend in Rotterdam. i will be responsible for styling the room...

vintage finds yesterday

in a few weeks i am going to participate in a homemade event,  with my homemade curry and jam, and of course i want my stand to look pretty. these may come in handy :-)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

on the farm

for the rotterdamse oogst festival (rotterdam harvest festival) we went to a farmer in Abbebroek, who agreed to dig up some kale for us to use as decoration on the festival. We spent a lovely morning looking around his farm and farm shop and then went to the fields, loaded 25 kale plants and drove back into town with a van full of potted kale.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

vintage finds yesterday

after a productive day where I sent out a new project plan and went to have my sore shoulder x-rayed I rewarded myself with a trip to my favorite thrift store, and found a stash of well organised vintage buttons, some old office-stamps that i am going to re-use as fabric stamps and a beautiful black bag from the same line as the green bag I am currently using.  

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

st. Odrada kapel Balen Belgium

Last week we went to Belgium for a few days, to do some serious walking through the woods and inhale nature for a change. to conclude our trip we visited the chapel for st. Odrada in Balen, Belgium. It is a small chapel on the edge of Balen, in between fields and forests, and has a well with healing water, yes, it does! the sign next to the chapel tells us that the well was there first and they built the chapel next to it. This brings back memories of the story of st.Odrada that was read to me by my parents when i was a child; Odrada had a nasty stepmother who wouldn't allow her to go to church with the family, so Odrada went into the forest and tamed a wild horse to ride to church. when she arrived she planted the stick she brought to tame the horse and where she put it in the ground, a well started to flow. Upon seeing this wonder everyone realized the girl was a saint. Could this be the well from the story?

Friday, 3 September 2010

belgium, Ardennen

went walking for a few days, through the woods and fields of the Ardennen near La Roche in Belgium. Blisters on my feet, but very satisfying...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

new lino Mad Men Joan

made a new lino today, of Joan, the voluptuous executive secretary at Mad Men, a television series about an add agency in the 60s that I love for the styling and the way they portray the 60s.  the way people treat each other in the series... it's not that long ago, but a lot has changed, women are a lot more independent now (aren't we?)

Friday, 20 August 2010

metropolis at the pleinbioscoop in rotterdam

saw Metropolis at the pleinbioscoop in rotterdam yesterday, with live music that added a lot of fun to the silent movie. some dramatic scenes were accompanied by funny slapstickmusic...
acting classes in the early 1900's included a lot of fist clenching and manic looks, very entertaining to look at!

never seen it and you have the opportunity: don't miss it.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

new lino of pigeons feeding

when I went to the movies last week with a few girlfriends we noticed a pigeons nest right behind the board where they advertise the movies. there were spikes there to prevent pigeons from sitting, but they built the nest so high that these were no problem. almost grown pigeons being fed by their parent always look so funny...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Monday, 16 August 2010

Phantom Tail

my sister told me how her cat still caresses you with his tail, that he lost last year in a nasty accident.
we talked about this phantom tail for a while, and I loved the word, so it inspired me to transform it into images: a few drawings and a lino cutting all about a cat with a missing tail...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

making sugar free blackberry jam

Near our workshop there are huge blackberry bushes, and yesterday I picked a pan full of ripe ones to try and make jam without sugar.
I am experimenting with stevia, which is a good replacement for sugar.
I cooked the blackberries with a small peeled apple and some lemon juice, and instead of a mountain of sugar I put a teaspoon of stevia in it and 4 grams of agar agar to thicken the jam, and cooked it down a while.

Taste is very good, now I am curious if it will preserve as well as with sugar...

Update: Stevia does not preserve like sugar does, I suggest putting stevia-based jam in the freezer in ice-cube trays and to only defrost the portions you need. The benefits of not eating lots of sugar are, in my opinion, still worth the effort!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

tomato plants and the way to treat them

may I introduce you to my tomato plant, that I planted hanging upside-down in a bucket in my back garden.

may I then introduce you to the tomato plant of my father in law, that he planted in his garden, after I gave it to him hanging upside-down in a bucket.

Although he was amused by my concept, after a while he felt sorry for his tomato plant, and released it from its hanging position and planted it the way you are supposed to. His plant thanked him with an abundance of tomatoes, while my plant has so far grown 3.1 tomatoes (the one in the top is today just the size of a pinhead, so that doesn't count for much)

maybe when you tease a plant for a while and then you let it relax, this is what happens? I wonder...
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