Saturday, 8 May 2010

beautiful work by paul combrink

@ haagsekunstkring, denneweg 64, den haag

Lady's mantle

on the leaves of the Alchemilla (Lady's mantle) dewdrops look like little pearls. Alchemilla looks very pretty between other plants. I don't like them when they are planted as a field. they look better when they stand alone. more special.


we call this black cat Hitler, because he is the terror of the backyards. sometimes WE even get scared of his stare.

in this scene he's obviously more worried about what I am going to do about him being in our house than he is about our cat, who only dares to scream at him.

today he used our house as a passage to go to the street.

A carousel in front of my house!

Monday, 3 May 2010

leftover plywood vase

we have a large wood-workshop so there's always a lot of small leftover material. experimental giftmaking with my partners son for mothersday resulted in this vase, made from small blocks of plywood glued together with a glass inside to keep the water in...
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