Thursday, 26 May 2011

mad men loving

 for all you mad men lovers: create your own avatar in the styleofthe seires and pretend to be back in the sexist 60s. download as profilepicture for twitter and  facebook, as iphone background and wallpaper.

manimal works

visited the studio of Manimalworks in Rotterdam this week to learn something about moldmaking. lots of beautiful animals and human figures standing around, both finished as well as still under construction. when i wanted to take some photo's found that although my camera was in my bag, I forgot that the card was still in my computer at home, so these photo's are taken with my phone (hence the quality)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

pompom garland for little birthday girl

garland made by stringing little coloured pompoms om a nice piece of red and white string, and adding a few ribbons in between...

Art Amsterdam 2011 - my favorite work in the art fair...

by Hein Spellman

camouflage bag

my green handbag in two camouflaged situations, 1 in dutch train, 1 in french shopping cart...

new printed shirt

printed a shirt with funny sounding expression I know from my husband, but that was invented by a dutch football coach. 'hotseknotse Begonia' Linoprinted it on the shirt
I don't have a decent english translation for it, but it means as much as doing something in a boorish, sloppy uninterested way.

Suggestions for a good translation? Anyone?

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