Sunday, 8 January 2012

Junkculture: The Locked Gate Bicycle

Junkculture: The Locked Gate Bicycle: Two gates and a bicycle have an illicit romance, and this is their love-child. Artist Stephen Williams builds impractical machines and usele...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

sweet newyear!

Happy Newyear!
I've been working on learning to make the perfect caramels, and this year I hope to get there... Every batch I make turns out different, but at least there are some perfect batches in between failures...
Some turn out as sauce (yummy) others are rockhard. What I've learned so far is: to use a thermometer: the sugar should be heated to 160 degrees to still be a little soft, at 170 it turns into rocks, and to not put too much cream in it (sauce)
What I do now is: pour (cup of) sugar in pan with a pinch of salt, with a spoonfull of water, stick candy-thermometer in and heat to 160 degrees, then add some cream and a lump of butter, and pour into molds. 
looking forward to making lollypops.
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