Thursday, 29 September 2011

recycling doll hands and feet

i found this doll a few months ago and took her home with me. She looked too sad laying there in her underwear on the bin in the street.
today decided to cut her hands and feet off and make molds of them. filled them with cement so they'll be heavy enough not to float to the surface when i pour silicons over them.
I'm sure I can turn them into a small edition of very cute coat hangers for kids. don't know the material to make them with yet, but i'm sure i'll figure that out too someday soon.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

concept hut village in Heijplaat, Rotterdam

With stichting Kunsteiland we are building huts in the playground at Heijplaat, with materials donated by the builders and demolishers active in the neighbourhood. A large part of the houses there are being torn down, and new better ones will be built. During this proces stichting Kunsteiland wanted to do something positive for the residents and created this childrens project with a lot of reuse of materials.
Children are building happily to make their own dreamhome...
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