Wednesday, 9 November 2011

garlic soap?

making a mold for a garlic shaped (not garlic scented, sorry) soap. bought a big net of garlic to select the best bulb, peeled a few layers away and covered it in several layers of latex.
cut a hole in the lid of a small bucket the size of the rim of my latex garlic mold to support it while pouring the soap in. first soap is on its way now, and the second mold (to get a small production-line going) as well!

title of the soap will be: YOU STINK! (i think) and it is scented with rosemary and lavender...

Friday, 4 November 2011

soap on rope

making a soap walnut: 
1 make mold with clay
2 make soap, pour soap
3 carefully take out of mold when still a bit soft
4 add piece of cotton rope, press on tabletop to flatten
5 join halves, align properly

cauliflower molding progress

used the clay mold for a cement cauliflower casting and 2 soaps. after the second soap the mold was destroyed, but I am using the cement cauliflower now to make a new rubber mold. 4 layers of rubber are on it now, I heated the cast  a bit in the microwave to make the rubber dry faster, so i could apply 2 layers in under 15 minutes... next day (today) another two, tomorrow i will finish it.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

cauliflower molding

Slaughtered a cauliflower to make a mold. Of course to be used for pouring soap. I like the idea of finding a piece of cauliflower on the sink.

This is just a test with flexible clay. I will probably use a plaster cauliflower casting to make a more permanent silicone mold...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

recycling doll hands and feet

i found this doll a few months ago and took her home with me. She looked too sad laying there in her underwear on the bin in the street.
today decided to cut her hands and feet off and make molds of them. filled them with cement so they'll be heavy enough not to float to the surface when i pour silicons over them.
I'm sure I can turn them into a small edition of very cute coat hangers for kids. don't know the material to make them with yet, but i'm sure i'll figure that out too someday soon.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

concept hut village in Heijplaat, Rotterdam

With stichting Kunsteiland we are building huts in the playground at Heijplaat, with materials donated by the builders and demolishers active in the neighbourhood. A large part of the houses there are being torn down, and new better ones will be built. During this proces stichting Kunsteiland wanted to do something positive for the residents and created this childrens project with a lot of reuse of materials.
Children are building happily to make their own dreamhome...

Monday, 22 August 2011

sofa makeover

stripping the leather off the couch... turning the inside out...

and turning it into a bag

Sunday, 21 August 2011

portrethokje at community festival Gerstakker Schiedam

Spent a lovely sunny day yesterday drawing visitors of a community festival in Schiedam with my portrait booth.
Ended up doing around 60 drawings, a lot of them, but not all, can be seen in my flickr stream.
Did I draw and photograph you or your child, and you don't see the photo? feel free to send me a message, and I will look through my photo's to find you!

[dutch] Gisteren een mooie zonnige dag getekend met het portrethokje voor het buurtfestival op de gerstakker in Schiedam. Ik heb uiteindelijk zo'n 60 portretten getekend, waarvan er een aantal op mijn flickr stream staan.
Heb ik u of uw kind getekend en gefotografeerd, maar ziet u de foto niet, stuur me dan een bericht en ik zal proberen uw foto te vinden en op te sturen!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

cassette tape mold-making

I predict there will be cassette-tape shaped SOAP in the near future in some shops in Rotterdam. 

Had this idea but threw all my old tapes in the garbage  a few years ago when I had to move. Good friend tinyloops still had his complete selection and gave me one. Lubricated the tape with some liquid soap and pressed it into black silicone. Hoping for the best now. I will let it dry for as long as I can wait, patience is not my virtue.
Also watch the recycled container ;-) it came with cakes in it...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

vintage leather bag

my latest bag, made from vintage green leather turned inside out. finally decided how to finish this one last week

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Portrethokje @ CampingRotterdam festival

I spent last weekend with the drawing booth drawing people at the Camping Rotterdam Festival. Through all kinds of weather everybody kept their spirit up, as well as their drinking. Witnessed lots of people sinking in muddy fields, having hair curled and toenails polished at the beautysalon and then  playing outdoorsy games, with rainboots or bare feet in the mud. can't control the weather, but the party must go on.

More photo's of the drawings can be seen in my flickrstream 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer-Shop @ Gesamt Galerie

The lovely Karin of Gesamt Galerie has my soap guns in her summer exhibition, and wrote this post about it on her blog. I took the liberty of copying it here.

Visiting Rotterdam? Don't miss this!

Gesamt Gallery will sell a selection of unique and handmade products at the Summer-Shop. Products from our own studio as well as that of various designers and artists.


ZILAR - silver jewelry
Suus Notenboom - (recycled) ceramic tableware
Dingsboems - soap pistols
- - - stiksel - - - bags and accessories
Bom Design - recycled design
Antoinet Deurloo - stoneware, porcelain, ceramic tableware
Röling Ontwerpt - screenprinted tea towels
Pierre Elitaire - shirts/bags
Senay Akin - silver jewelry
Suzanna Scott - mixed media assemblage & collage
Kim Welling - DIYkits, postcards
Tas Makas Kagit - handbound notebooks

Also, we have a collection of small vintage and retro items and furniture. Come shop at Gesamt at the Pijnackerplein (Pijanackersquare) in the old north of Rotterdam. Nearby are lots of nice places for a coffee or lunch break to complete your shopping experience!

We have an adjusted Summer timetable: Thu 13.00/17.00 pm,
Fri 13.00/17.00 pm, Sat 13.00/17.00 pm.

Hope to see you all soon and have a great Summer!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

hairy bags for sale at Rotabs Stylecenter and Sluijter & Meijer, Rotterdam

some of my Hairy Bags are for sale at 2 lovely shops, Kunst & Knödel at Rotabs Stylecenter and Sluijter and Meijer, both in Rotterdam

Monday, 27 June 2011

Portrethokje at Rotabs Stylecenter

for the Route du Nord art route I placed my Portret cabin at Rotabs Stylecenter, a creative marketspace in the North of Rotterdam. I spent the weekend drawing visitors and had a great time!

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