Thursday, 12 August 2010

tomato plants and the way to treat them

may I introduce you to my tomato plant, that I planted hanging upside-down in a bucket in my back garden.

may I then introduce you to the tomato plant of my father in law, that he planted in his garden, after I gave it to him hanging upside-down in a bucket.

Although he was amused by my concept, after a while he felt sorry for his tomato plant, and released it from its hanging position and planted it the way you are supposed to. His plant thanked him with an abundance of tomatoes, while my plant has so far grown 3.1 tomatoes (the one in the top is today just the size of a pinhead, so that doesn't count for much)

maybe when you tease a plant for a while and then you let it relax, this is what happens? I wonder...

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