Thursday, 30 September 2010

making a worm compost bin

today I made a compost bin from plastic containers after i saw this method a few weeks ago at the oogstfestival 

you have to drill a lot of holes, big ones, with the largest drill i had, in all the containers except the bottom one.this one is for the fluid that is produced in the proces of composting. 
the container right above it is where you put your worms and vegetable waste that is a few weeks old, and the container on top of that, and more containers if you need them, are for your fresh fruit and vegetable waste. when the worms are done eating in the lowest container they will move up to the next one and start eating there. at this time you can remove the eaten container and use the very fertile compost in it for your plants. the water that drips to the bottom container can be used to water plants and is also full of nutrients.

composting this way can be done smell free indoors. 

first a whole lot of holedrilling, and one very hot drill and two empty batteries later:
cleaning the holes with a small knife,
and last: putting a piece of paper on top with what may be put inside: 
fruit and vegetable waste, coffee and tea, dead flowers, eggshells,
but no bread and cooked food, meat, fish or dairy products. 
next step: dig up some worms in the garden or go to the fishing store and buy some to start composting.

Monday, 27 September 2010

tales of mere existence

blauwe huisje in landart Biennale Valkenswaard

while I was busy decorating the burlesque party, huub built the camera obscura project on the landart biennale Valkenswaard, assisted by his brother and brother in law. The day after the party I took an early train to attend the opening and together we showed and explained the work to the public.
We have a beautiful spot in the beginning of the route, surrounded by trees...

rotterdam loves burlesque

just posting a few photos of the party last saturday, i decorated the room for the party, made some nice namesigns for the podium and table decorations inspired by garters...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

burlesque is hot

Burlesque is hot! Deze showstijl waarbij alles draait om extravagant, uitdagend en grappig is ook in Rotterdam erg populair. De Royal Residence op de bovenste etage van restaurant Engels verandert regelmatig in een klassieke nightclub uit de film noir tijdens burlesque feesten.

Burlesque is hot! This show is all about extravagant style, it's challenging, funny and very popular in Rotterdam. The Royal Residence on the top floor of restaurant Engels  frequently changes into a classic nightclub from the film noir during burlesque parties.

next weekend in Rotterdam. i will be responsible for styling the room...

vintage finds yesterday

in a few weeks i am going to participate in a homemade event,  with my homemade curry and jam, and of course i want my stand to look pretty. these may come in handy :-)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September 2010

on the farm

for the rotterdamse oogst festival (rotterdam harvest festival) we went to a farmer in Abbebroek, who agreed to dig up some kale for us to use as decoration on the festival. We spent a lovely morning looking around his farm and farm shop and then went to the fields, loaded 25 kale plants and drove back into town with a van full of potted kale.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

vintage finds yesterday

after a productive day where I sent out a new project plan and went to have my sore shoulder x-rayed I rewarded myself with a trip to my favorite thrift store, and found a stash of well organised vintage buttons, some old office-stamps that i am going to re-use as fabric stamps and a beautiful black bag from the same line as the green bag I am currently using.  

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

st. Odrada kapel Balen Belgium

Last week we went to Belgium for a few days, to do some serious walking through the woods and inhale nature for a change. to conclude our trip we visited the chapel for st. Odrada in Balen, Belgium. It is a small chapel on the edge of Balen, in between fields and forests, and has a well with healing water, yes, it does! the sign next to the chapel tells us that the well was there first and they built the chapel next to it. This brings back memories of the story of st.Odrada that was read to me by my parents when i was a child; Odrada had a nasty stepmother who wouldn't allow her to go to church with the family, so Odrada went into the forest and tamed a wild horse to ride to church. when she arrived she planted the stick she brought to tame the horse and where she put it in the ground, a well started to flow. Upon seeing this wonder everyone realized the girl was a saint. Could this be the well from the story?

Friday, 3 September 2010

belgium, Ardennen

went walking for a few days, through the woods and fields of the Ardennen near La Roche in Belgium. Blisters on my feet, but very satisfying...
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