Sunday, 13 May 2012

thyme syrup

pour boiling water over 25 grams of dried thyme,
leave for 30 minutes then pour water through a sieve in a pan.  
add 100 ml of honey and 200 grams sugar and a pinch of salt.
simmer to disolve sugar until the syrup starts to form lots of bubbles.
remove from heat and put in a well cleaned bottle.

use a few teaspoons on days when you have a sore throat.  

dandelion marmalade

pick and wash dandelions,
remove stems and most green parts from the flower

put heads of dandelions in pan
with the juice and gratings of 1 orange and 1 lemon
add 200 grams of sugar, boil 30 minutes to dissolve sugar

put in well cleaned jars while still hot

nettle pesto

pick young nettle leaves

fry lightly in olive oil with one small onion

put in blender with olive oil and clove of garlic and blend,
add grated grano padano cheese and roasted and crushed
pine nuts, pepper and salt to taste 


pretty sugar daisies

pick daisies and wash

pat dry
pick up daisie and spread leafs,
dip in whipped eggwhite, then in sugar

put upsidedown on a baking sheet

put 10 minutes in oven
on the absolute lowest setting (50 degrees C)

pretty sugar daisies
to eat as candy or decorate cookies or cake

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