Wednesday, 9 November 2011

garlic soap?

making a mold for a garlic shaped (not garlic scented, sorry) soap. bought a big net of garlic to select the best bulb, peeled a few layers away and covered it in several layers of latex.
cut a hole in the lid of a small bucket the size of the rim of my latex garlic mold to support it while pouring the soap in. first soap is on its way now, and the second mold (to get a small production-line going) as well!

title of the soap will be: YOU STINK! (i think) and it is scented with rosemary and lavender...

Friday, 4 November 2011

soap on rope

making a soap walnut: 
1 make mold with clay
2 make soap, pour soap
3 carefully take out of mold when still a bit soft
4 add piece of cotton rope, press on tabletop to flatten
5 join halves, align properly

cauliflower molding progress

used the clay mold for a cement cauliflower casting and 2 soaps. after the second soap the mold was destroyed, but I am using the cement cauliflower now to make a new rubber mold. 4 layers of rubber are on it now, I heated the cast  a bit in the microwave to make the rubber dry faster, so i could apply 2 layers in under 15 minutes... next day (today) another two, tomorrow i will finish it.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

cauliflower molding

Slaughtered a cauliflower to make a mold. Of course to be used for pouring soap. I like the idea of finding a piece of cauliflower on the sink.

This is just a test with flexible clay. I will probably use a plaster cauliflower casting to make a more permanent silicone mold...
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