Thursday, 9 March 2017

sauerkraut stew with vegan seitan 'bacon'

sauerkraut stew with homemade seitan 'bacon'

seitan is a wonderful plant-based meat substitute, and baked this way it tastes like crispy bacon :-)
recipe for (lots of) seitan:
1 cup gluten flour
250 ml water with one mushroom broth cube
tsp yeast flakes

mix yeast flakes and gluten flour,
add cooled broth and knead together to make a moist and flexible ball
heat 1 cm vegetable oil in a pan and cut small pieces of the dough directly into your pan, the pieces will expand while baking in the oil, so make them about 1/4 smaller then the pieces you want to eat.

buy gluten flour here (in the Netherlands)
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