Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

went to the dutch design week last week with artist-friend Kuin Heuff and raced through 3 venues full of dutch design, in search of design that gave us something new. A lot of what we saw were things and variations on things we already knew, and we tried to not be disappointed by that; after all, we have seen a lot over the years.
I found a few interesting designs on the graduation show of the design academie: a high bed shaped like a box, to use in a space where you would have no privacy in a regular bed, and a fabric bathtub for people with limited space. (I always like fold-able or multi functional designs...)

In the Strijp-s building the most interesting stand was from a 3d printing company that also gives designers a shop-function. You can upload your design, and when it is ordered it will be printed and sent directly to your client. I like the 3d printing concept very much, so in the future I might just use their services...
high bed

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