Friday, 4 February 2011


ghetto beanstalk installation

finished 6 beanstalk self watering containers in cleaning buckets. deconstructed the mop to make it wick the water from the bucket up to the soil. when they grow up the beans use the stick of the mop as a beanstalk. I think it's a goodlooking installation. can't wait for beans to grow!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

deconstructing cleaning materials

turning a bucket and mop into the perfect self watering container for peas...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ghetto windowsill garden

growing vegetables in the window of my studio in old milk-containers. I cut them in half and inverted the top half into the bottom, put an old strip of a cotton shirt through what was once the opening we poured the milk from and filled it with soil and seed.
Put a lamp right above it for extra love (it is after all only februari) and poured lots of water in the bottom half. now they feed themselves and don't need too much attention.

the next photo is of a page from the dutch Millionaire magazine. interesting to see that even in this target group home gardening is considered the hip thing to do. Now they have the money to buy the most exclusive sets, I am planning to make my ghetto garden look pretty with recycled materials.

printshop giftshop

second design from the t-shirt empire: printed t-shirt with text 'niveau' based on the Nivea logo. really important to chose the right color t-shirt per logo as it will become part of it.

this was a birthday present for the father of the soon to be filthy rich t-shirt empire director slash designer slash logistics manager.

needless to say we are open for business so may we take your orders?

ghetto printshop

another ghetto print project, where we printed by transferring printed letters to adhesive plastic, then cutting the letters and silhouette for the altered logo and pasting it to a t-shirt.
applied textile paint with a brush and after drying removed the plastic.

the design is an adaptation on the Maggi logo, it reads 'magnie', phonetic dutch for mag niet: 'not allowed'.

the nice young man (13) that thought of this design wore it to school the next day and none of his classmates believed that he made the t-shirt himself.

he is planning to start a t-shirt empire and become filthy rich.

ghetto screenprinting

I've been working on ways to print t-shirts at home without expensive screen-printing materials, and this is one of my ghetto-screen prints. it is made by drawing on net fabric(old curtains) and painting everything that has to stay white closed with acrylic paint, letting it dry and applying paint through it to in this case paper, but I've also used this technique for printing t-shirts.
the drawing is inspired by old Russian fairytales, where the house of baba jaga, the witch, was always twisting around on chicken legs.
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