Sunday, 3 June 2012


We've been using liquid stevia instead of sugar for some time now, and when I had the chance to plant stevia in my garden I didn't hesitate. Now the next thing was to learn to make the extract. Found and will test this recipe as soon as our plant is ready to harvest. 

Place your crushed (dried) stevia leaves in a glass jar, then pour vodka over them to coat. We are using vodka instead of water to extract the glycosides because we’ll get a much sweeter end result this way. Opt for vodka over other liquors because it’s flavorless and cheap.
Put the lid on your jar, shake it up, and let it sit on your counter for 24-36 hours. Don’t let it sit for longer than 36 hours, as it will turn more bitter. I used to make a liquid stevia extract the same way that I made other herbal tinctures, letting it sit for weeks. While this may improve the medicinal quality of the extract, it sacrificed a lot of sweetness to do it.
Next, filter out the leaves. 

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