Thursday, 7 March 2013

making a self-watering container from recycled material

I'm forgetful when it comes to watering plants in containers. Pets are easier, they ask for food when they get hungry. Plants don't, and untill they do, this is a great way to keep them alive, even when you are not in the opportunity to keep an eye on them.
It takes almost nothing too.
needed: empty can, 3 small screws, device to poke holes in your can ,
piece of string (from a mop) as a wick, a hammer or  a drill 

screw 3 screws halfway in the outside of your can to support the lid and
connect the string in the lid

should look something like this

insert the lid in the can, let it rest on the screws

finished! water goes in the bottom, soil goes in the top. add your seeds and see them grow.

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