Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Elderflower champagne

Spring has really started now, and in a month or so it will be  elderberry blossoms  time! You can find   Elder-flower in a lot of places along the side of the road, they are very fast growers and give lots of flowers that produce a fresh smell that you can bottle as a syrup and even turn into Elder-flower champagne with a very little bit of alcohol.

Elderflower champagne

Pick enough elder-flowers to fill a 5 liter pan or bucket, and add 5 liter water and 500 gr. sugar, a handful of raisins and a whole lemon in pieces. Do not rinse the flowers beforehand, this will leave less flavor. The more pollen the flowers have the better the taste. 
Cover bucket with cloth and set aside for a few days, stirring occasionally.

After a few days the fermentation process will have started. Pour the mixture through a sieve into bottles, that you first cleaned and rinsed with soda in hot water. (the caps or corks as well)

After a few days open a bottle to check if the fermentation process already made the champagne bubble. You want just a little fizz, set it aside again. If it's a lot, open all your bottles. Release some pressure to keep it safe...  

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