Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer-Shop @ Gesamt Galerie

The lovely Karin of Gesamt Galerie has my soap guns in her summer exhibition, and wrote this post about it on her blog. I took the liberty of copying it here.

Visiting Rotterdam? Don't miss this!

Gesamt Gallery will sell a selection of unique and handmade products at the Summer-Shop. Products from our own studio as well as that of various designers and artists.


ZILAR - silver jewelry
Suus Notenboom - (recycled) ceramic tableware
Dingsboems - soap pistols
- - - stiksel - - - bags and accessories
Bom Design - recycled design
Antoinet Deurloo - stoneware, porcelain, ceramic tableware
Röling Ontwerpt - screenprinted tea towels
Pierre Elitaire - shirts/bags
Senay Akin - silver jewelry
Suzanna Scott - mixed media assemblage & collage
Kim Welling - DIYkits, postcards
Tas Makas Kagit - handbound notebooks

Also, we have a collection of small vintage and retro items and furniture. Come shop at Gesamt at the Pijnackerplein (Pijanackersquare) in the old north of Rotterdam. Nearby are lots of nice places for a coffee or lunch break to complete your shopping experience!

We have an adjusted Summer timetable: Thu 13.00/17.00 pm,
Fri 13.00/17.00 pm, Sat 13.00/17.00 pm.

Hope to see you all soon and have a great Summer!!!

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  1. I hope we will sell a lot of these non-violent soap guns! it only produces bubbles no bullets ;-p


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